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The Easiest Way to Deploy Applications in Your Kubernetes Cluster

What is Kubeapps?

Kubeapps is a Kubernetes dashboard that supercharges your Kubernetes cluster with simple browse and click deployment of apps in any format. Building on Bitnami’s contributions to leading open source projects, Kubeapps provides a complete application delivery environment that empowers users to launch, review and share applications.

The Kubeapps project includes:

CLI screenshot showing the ouput of the installation command


To bootstrap Kubeapps and supercharge your cluster you just have to run the Kubeapps CLI tool in your terminal window. Install a complete application delivery environment with a single command.

Kubeapps dashboard screenshot


Kubeapps provides an in-cluster toolset for simplified deployment of over 100 kubernetes ready applications packaged as Helm charts and Kubeless Functions (declarative application management coming soon)


Web-based community to discover, rate and review pre-packaged kubernetes applications that is accessible from Kubeapps.com or through a web-based Kubeapps console in your Kubernetes cluster

How does it work? Check it out!

Kubeapps can be deployed in your cluster in minutes. This screencast will show you how to install Kubeapps and start adding new applications to your Kubernetes Cluster

Who is Kubeapps for?

New users

Getting Started? Populate your cluster with the tools you need and the applications you want in just a few minutes.

Get started

Kubernetes experts

Managing K8s Clusters? Use a single command to deploy all the components for your users to be able to make efficient use of the cluster.


Distribution and support providers

Providing Kubernetes or Supporting Kubernetes? Help your users populate their clusters quickly and start adding new applications.


Ready to Get Started?

Kubeapps is an open-source project. We encourage you to check out the latest version and give it a try. If you like it, please share your thoughts (#kubeapps). If you have suggestions or contributions to the code or documentation, we encourage and welcome your participation.

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