Your Application Dashboard for Kubernetes

Kubeapps can be deployed in your cluster in minutes.

Watch this video for a short demo and discover how to start adding new applications to your Kubernetes Cluster.

What is Kubeapps?

Kubeapps is a web-based UI for deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes clusters

Some included features:

Screenshot showing a list of available Helm charts

Deploy Your Favorite Charts and Operators

Browse Helm charts and Kubernetes Operators from public and private registries. Perform day-two operations like upgrades or rollbacks.

Screenshot showing the application management view

Use Private Namespaces and Multiple Clusters

Create and manage different catalogs isolating them in different namespaces and clusters with a single Kubeapps instance.

Screenshot showing the Service Catalog integration

Secure Authentication and Authorization

Leverage RBAC and OAuth2/OIDC to provide authenticate and authorize users in your system.

Multicluster Support

Kubeapps can be deployed in one cluster but configured to manage one or more additional clusters. This video demonstrate how you can do that with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG).

Get Started Now

Kubeapps is an open-source project. We encourage you to check out the latest version and give it a try. If you have suggestions or contributions to the code or documentation, we encourage and welcome your participation!

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